RBIMCO - Royal Bengal Investment Management Company Ltd

Investment Strategy

The strategy for the Fund is based upon a macroeconomic foundation. RBIMCO has devised a “top down” approach that will use a method that converts the macroeconomic knowledge down into managing the positioning of risk across the BGFI yield curve.

We have already been active in Bangladesh for over 5 years and have built up a track record in the capital markets as well as a substantial research base. This will enable us to assess risk implementation in a professional and knowledgeable manner.

Over these 5 years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the fiscal and monetary policy dynamics that will be at the heart of the supply and demand characteristics which shape and price the BGFI yield curve.

All this is in conjunction with our knowledge of trading yield curves, dealing with multiple coupon effects, bond convexity and embedded optionality. We are therefore uniquely placed to manage BGFI assets for investors.

The investments of the Fund will be unleveraged and thereby all leverage related risks will be entirely avoided.