Over 35 years of successful risk management


The first professionally managed Government Fixed Income Fund


Outperforming all other asset classes

Introducing the RBIMCO BGFI Fund

Royal Bengal Investment Management Company Ltd (RBIMCO) announces the launch of a critical new investment opportunity for Bangladesh, the country’s first ever professionally managed government fixed income fund.
The RBIMCO Bangladesh Government Fixed Income (BGFI) Fund provides a compelling and necessary investment opportunity and an alternative to traditional investment options such as FDR and equities.
The team behind RBIMCO have over 35 years of trading experience in the global capital markets offering a professional and intellectual edge with a proven and demonstrable track record of successful risk management.

RBIMCO Comparative Performance

Period: Feb 2015- June 2021
Avg. Annualized Returns Standard Deviation
RBIMCO LTD. Portfolio* 14.60% 2.8
FDR (3 months) 5.78% 0.07
BGFI (5 Year) 9.17% 2.27
DSEX**** 4.23% 13.52

*Inception at February 2015
**FDR returns are represented before tax and minimum tax at source is currently 10%.
***DSE and BGFI returns are grossly overstated as they do not take into account the significant transaction costs.
****Daily Standard Deviation (Annualized)


Mr Khan Noorpuri, CEO of RBIMCO, also manages a Global Macro Trading strategy for qualified international investors through Macro Investment Trading (MIT) Ltd. For the latest investment performance of this fund, please. click here

This performance data is purely for information only and is not a solicitation for investment.

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